Charlotte’s Treats


Halloween is close…but this year it will be different! Charlotte Olympia is celebrating Halloween with a limited-edition capsule collection of vampire,bat and pumpkin-inspired shoes and bags.Spooky and so fabulous!

“I like to have a sense of humor in my work and that manifests itself in the Bite Me Kitty flats and Boo pumpkin-face clutch bag,” Olympia said via WWD. “I have two small boys who are currently taken with bats and vampires and inspired [me] all the more to create this collection.”

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 11.15.43 PM

Charlotte’s Treats: 1. Boo! Pumpkin suede clutch, 2. Sucker for Pandora Perspex box clutch, 3. Desiree bat-print suede pumps, 4. Skeleton appliquéd silk-satin sandals, 5. Midnight Dolly bat-embroidered suede platform pumps, 6. Trick Or Treat embroidered suede slippers



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